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Study in Germany - get accepted to a German university

University Placement Service Germany

EDU Germany

We understand what you want and know the German education system and its sometimes confusing bureaucracy inside out.
High success rate (nearly 100%)

Since our founding in April 2018, we have already successfully placed numerous students.

Tuition free study programs

Almost all public universities in Germany have no tuition fees for foreigners.

Beneficial payment terms

Small down payment, final fee is not due until receiving the (conditional) admission letter.

Student visa support

We tell you how to apply for a student visa for Germany and we will help you to prepare your documents and your interview.

Fast Processing

With our experience we know all the shortcuts to speed up your application. With us you will not miss a deadline and you will not loose time.

Fair refund policy

Within our Premium services you will get about 2/3 of the service fee back if you don’t get a visa or we try again next intake for free.

Choose your University Placement Service

What degree would you like to pursue, what field of study are you interested in? Can you study directly or do you have to attend a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) or a German language course before studying? Have a look at our university placement services and you will find the one that suits you best.

Intensive German language

Get your German up to study proficiency. We offer courses at all levels at private language schools or universities.

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Preparatory course (Studienkolleg)

We will get you into one of the highly sought-after preparatory courses (Studienkolleg) by preparing you perfectly for the entrance exam.

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Undergraduate degree programs (Bachelor, Staatsexamen)

Countless degree programs at universities without tuition fees are waiting for you.

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Graduate degree programs (Master)

Complete your education with your choice of master's course. Many degree programs in Germany are also offered in English.

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about us.

EDU Germany has been created by a group of experts with years of experience with diverse universities in Germany and academic institutions. 

Enrolling to foreign universities is a long and tedious process. We have been there and we want to make it different! With us you will study in Germany in no time!.

We therefore created EDU Germany to help foreign students to successful apply for their favourite study programs at German universities. 

Ask us: we speak German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Georgian, Armenian and Korean!

Student References

I came across EDU Germany through a friend that has already worked with them and recommended them for me. After several chats and meetings with them, I decided to take the bachelor's package. They were extremely helpful in finding for me the perfect university and the right major in a very short period. Less than 2 months and I already got accepted into the university. It is worth working with them, they are professionals in this field and they know what they’re doing.

Jad M. (Lebanon)

B.A. Journalism

After years in Germany, I finally decide to apply to university. But it was very difficult to understand the university applying system in Germany. it's designed for natives and people who already have been in educational system. and there are many little tips and information, that German already knows, while foreigner couldn't access.  I asked for EDU Germany’s help, and then everything worked out marvellously good.  They found me the course that fit for my language level and interests. Since they cover from all pre-university course to master program in Germany, I didn’t need to waste my time on checking and researching that which university is available for me. I couldn’t make it without EDU Germany’s amazing help.

Sonia C. (Korea)

M.A. Fashion Design

Thanks to the support of EDU my dream came true as I became one of the Master students at the Humboldt University of Berlin from the first attempt! I received excellent support from the EDU team and got a placement in the Master’s completely free of charge, therefore, it was totally worth it.

Mariia S. (Ukraine)

M.A. Integrated Natural Resource Management

For a long time, I had plans to live and study in Germany, which seemed like a dream to me. During this time, despite the support of many people, they did not do enough to make this dream a reality and to be honest, many were unreliable. During this difficult destination, I have known EDU Germany by recommendation. In a short period of time, their true professional activities contributed greatly to my admission to the master's degree. In particular, despite the limitations associated with the pandemic, they took full responsibility for the preparation of the documents, for all the negotiations up to the university, and played an irreplaceable role in reaching my goal. Thank you again, this is not only mine but also your luck.

Ibrahim G. (Azerbaijan)

M.A. Mittelstandsmanagement

The first time I applied for universities in Germany, I had to apply for more than 6 universities to secure a place, but neither one of these universities was the right one for me. After receiving help from EDU Germany, I got accepted in a very short period in a university that suits my situation. It’s an investment that every student that either doesn’t have the time to do the long and right research or doesn’t have the right resources and experience to find the right university should take. working with such professional people is worth the cost of the package.

Mazen Y. (Lebanon)

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering